Last week we went to the zoo and sweated our pants off. And we got there at 8:30 am. We finished our zoo trip up with a romp in the water caves.
Matthew and James like to bust out their moves every now and then. Awesome.
We grabbed lunch at Ted's Famous Hot Dogs.
Jacob loves to play in the pantry and reorganize the items on the floor and now that he can pull himself up, the bottom shelf.


Monday was our 7 year anniversary. What! What! So we celebrated by taking the fam to Joe's Farm Grill. I can't believe it's been 7 years! We sure have packed a lot in in that time. And we have 3 amazingly beautiful kids to show for it.

On Tuesdays we go to Summer Movie Day at the theatre. Matthew loves it 100%, Jacob loves it 75%, and James likes it 50%. James is so busy during movies. I love all things movie and TV. I'm pathetic, I know, but I can't get enough. If it's on the big screen or small screen, I'm tuned in. Not James, he's got better things to do.
Here are the boys at the theatre. Don't worry, I took this before the movie started.

My kids get really bored during the summer, so I was trying to find stuff we could do to keep us busy. I didn't want to hear the dreaded, "I'm bored." I found something called Funner in the Summer on 30days. She has a whole series on Summer fun for kids. I loved her idea and tweeked it to fit my kids. Each week we have a theme, this week was construction. So most of what we do during the week goes along with our theme. On Mondays we go to the library and pick out books based on our theme. After that we walk over to the Riparian and feed the ducks. This is James' favorite part of the week, I think.
The boys always want a picture taken in front of the fountain at the library. When we get to the library James always requests a quarter to toss in. He only gets a penny, ssssh, don't tell.
Jacob did not want to sit in his stroller. He had had it!
My boys love to dance. That's what they're doing in the picture. Jacob even dances.


A few weeks ago we took the boys to a Diamondbacks game and had a lot of fun.


On Saturday we went to Toy Story 3 at the drive-in. We had so much fun. We threw some blankets in the back of the van, packed up a picnic and treats, and enjoyed a great movie.
Jacob had a nasty rash from his Amoxicillin. But he's still super cute!
We joked about how Julianne kept getting stuffed in a corner. Every picture I tried to get from her, one of the kids got in the way. Poor Julianne.
He looks a tiny bit crazy here.


We are one of those few families in AZ that don't have a backyard pool or neighborhood pool. *sniff*sniff* So I bought a little one for the boys to cool off in during the hot days of the summer. It also gets them out of the house for an hour or so.
The first day we used the pool, I brought out ice pops for them to have when they were finished. This way they were pretty dried off by the time they wanted to head in.
I love these boys! They are so stinkin' cute. They are always cracking me up, even when I feel like pulling my hair out.


Look at this cute face. Can you believe it had to spend the whole weekend in the hospital? Half of which his mom was 4 hours away at Girls Camp. He got mastoiditis. Poor guy.
You can't tell super well, but his ear is swollen and red. When I got there Saturday afternoon, I was told it had gone way down. He did so well in the hospital. He was probably the craziest and wildest of pediatric patients this hospital ever saw. At 10:00 pm when I couldn't get him to go to sleep (usually a frustrating chore), I was just so grateful that he was okay. I was completely spent after many sleepless nights at Girls Camp, but I was so happy to be with my little guy. He's home now, after two nights in the hospital, and enjoying some down time. He's on 3 different meds, which will be a miracle if I can remember to give him all 5 doses a day.
His favorite part of being in a hospital is the food service. He loves it and wants to share it with everyone. Sweet boy.
Matthew and Jacob came for a visit. I hadn't seen those two since I left for Girls Camp either. So I was so excited to see them. Unfortunately, Jacob isn't as big of a mama's boy as he was before I left. Broke my heart a little bit. Matthew and James ate their happy meals and watched G-Force. The brothers are very happy to all be together again. And I'm happy that our little family is back together at home.
I know our family was being watched over during this time and I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for keeping my family safe while I was away. Everything seemed to work out the best way possible. Thank you to Martha, Ted and Amy for all that they did, which was A LOT! Tim was amazing and so patient with me and I love him so much! He's the best dad and our boys are so lucky. Thanks, babe! And thanks to everyone that has helped us during this time.

I got back from Girls Camp yesterday and had a fantastic time. We hiked four miles up to this lookout tower. It was so windy that day and felt like the wind would pick us right up and throw us over the sides. But the view was beautiful. Didn't get a picture of it.
Love our girls! They are the cutest!
Pres. Hinckley was our hero and we used the 9 B's. So our girls were bees. I know, I know, so cute.
Look at those tough leaders. I have no idea why we posed liked this. I just did what everyone else was doing.
Girls Camp was a ton of fun, except for the fact that 2 of my boys got sick and one was hospitalized.



On Saturday,Kristen and I surprised Tim and Donavon with a 30th birthday party. They were really surprised. Tim's b-day is July 9 and Donavon's is June 25. So we did it a little bit early, but K &D are moving in a week :( and we had to do it before then.
So here are some pictures of our fun. They're not great photos, but you get the idea. Kristen will probably have some way better ones.

We put up some pictures of the boys from childhood up to now. It was fun to see how far they've come.
This turned out so dark, I forgot to turn my flash on and wasn't paying attention to the pictures I was taking until it was too late. But we served burgers, hot dogs, and brats. Super delish!
These juices were a hit. The kids couldn't stay out of them. I loved these things when I was a kid. We also made felt mustaches for people to wear. Mustaches were kind of our theme for the evening, since the boys are now officially old men. Well, in the next month or so anyway.
We wrote in chalk on the pots. On one table it said "Happy 30th B-day!" and on the other it said "Donavon and Tim, Hooray!" I loved how the flower pots turned out.
I made the boys shirts to go with our mustache theme.
I love Jacob in the background. This kid was so chill all day long. I couldn't have asked him to be better.
We decided to celebrate youth by having a relay race that started off with a 3-legged race.
And ended with a massive water balloon fight. I love Tim's intensity in this photo. Water balloons are serious business.
James got soaked.
We made delicious chocolate mustaches.
We did cupcakes in a jar with a sprinkling of rock candy on top. They were a big hit and, oh-so-yummy!
Thanks to everyone that made this night a success! And thanks to the two birthday boys. We really couldn't have done it without you!