Flat Stanley...

A good friend of ours in Mississippi sent us Flat Stanley for a visit.  So today we took him to a few of our favorite spots around town.  We love these saguaros and had to take him there (Matthew's holding him).

Flat Stanley isn't in this pic, but I just love palo verde trees and had to get a pick of my boys under this one in full bloom.  

Next stop was our family's favorite park, the Riperian Preserve.  It's a preserve for birds and has about 7 ponds (reclaimed water) and the prettiest birds.  And right now you can spot lots of baby ducks.  So we stopped on the bridge so Flat Stanley could see the turtles and ducklings.

And our last stop, a must at this time of year (already in the 90's), the water play fountain to cool down.  Thanks for coming for a visit Flat Stanley!  Now we'll send you back to Mississippi where it might be a little cooler, but a lot more humid.

24 Weeks...

I'm sure not many of you care how big the belly is, but my sister will appreciate this.  And look, I'm barely swollen at all!  By now my feet usually get so swollen, I seriously look like I have elephantiasis and my fingers get so big I can no longer wear my wedding ring.  Knock on wood, I'm doing much better this time around.  James' cute little head made it into every shot.


Always a treat we have in store...

Last night for FHE Matthew was in charge of treats.  He wanted to make chocolate chip cookies and do it all by himself.  Unfortunately, I had to supervise and James got to participate.   But we still had fun.  And look at that kid's shaggy hair.  I think it makes him look so much older.  

Me and my boys.  I think it's funny how we can rarely get both boys to smile at the same time.


Who knew...

Mr. Baldy would go from this...

...to this.  

I can't bring myself to cut it.  It's way too cute, although a tiny bit out of control at times.
And Tim had to say "Show me your teeth," to get a smile out of him for the second picture.


Cereal Bowls and Toilet Bowls, is there a difference?

After lunch today, Matthew went outside for a popsicle.  While he was out there, he shouted inside, "Hey Mom, can you get me a bowl?"  Confused, I asked, "What do you need a bowl for?"  "I gotta go pee," he replied so matter-of-factly.  Although I laughed, I promptly told him, "No, we don't pee on stuff we eat with."  I was reminded of this incident from exactly a year ago.


One year older...

My baby boy turned 2 today!   It has been two years full of smiles, curls, thumb sucking, one dimpled grins, and lots of laughs.  

He won't smile for the camera, at least not while he's looking at it, so we tricked him by saying, "Show us your teeth."  Gotcha!

For his birthday, James is getting a big boy bed and bunking with Matthew.  But because that's no fun to open, we got him a few small things.  He loves trucks.  Which is an understatement.  He may have been tucked in with his new trucks tonight.

So cute!  We love this boy!  And I can't believe he'll be a big brother soon!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Matthew and James!

Matthew was very proud of his "lightning" egg.

James wanted his picture taken with an egg, too.


The unpredictability of kids...

This morning I decided that I'd take the boys to the zoo so they could run around and get some energy out.  Then we would head over to Tim's office and meet for lunch.  Well, just as I was taking the zoo exit, James decided that he didn't want to keep his breakfast down anymore.  His head was turned towards Matthew has he "throwed his bones" and the compassionate big brother said, "Eww, James, turn your head the other way.  I don't want to see that stuff."  Ah, brotherly love.  Anyway, since we were close to Tim's office I drove over there and cleaned James up in the parking lot.  Tim came outside to "help" but mostly just said, Oh, that's gross."  Hmm, maybe I know where Matthew gets it from.  But in fairness to Tim, I told him to just keep on eye on the clothing-less James (as he ran around the parking lot, so sick).  No need in both parents catching whatever bug this was.  But I was so excited to get some new shots of my boys at the zoo to post on here.  I haven't been around much, but decided to get back into it full swing.  Anyway, because I couldn't get any new pictures today, here's some from when Lindsey and her fam were in town.

Laney would put her face right up to a spout and then be shocked when water shot out of it.  She did this a million times until one got her really good.  

James pretty much stood on the edge, watching the other kids.  Every now and then he would run over to us and squeal.  I think he really thought he was playing in the water.

I really do feed this kid.

Traveling in luxury.