On Saturday we went to Toy Story 3 at the drive-in. We had so much fun. We threw some blankets in the back of the van, packed up a picnic and treats, and enjoyed a great movie.
Jacob had a nasty rash from his Amoxicillin. But he's still super cute!
We joked about how Julianne kept getting stuffed in a corner. Every picture I tried to get from her, one of the kids got in the way. Poor Julianne.
He looks a tiny bit crazy here.


The Mallory's said...

He kinda looks like a vampire, you know, I've been wondering about you Bloods. That would explain Julianne in the corner, the kids always blocking the camera from her. Her bites are probably still fresh and you didn't want us to see them. Okay, maybe I've got vampire fever right now. Eclipse!!!! June 30th......for you guys, wa wa. Oh well, at least I still get to see it with you. For the first time!!

monica said...

That's right! Can't wait till you get here.