Let's get together...

Last week all of Tim's sisters were in town.  We had so much fun with their families.  Matthew couldn't remember that the kids are called cousins, so he called them his brothers.  
We try to celebrate all the kids' birthdays when we get together.  Martha took them all to Build-a-Bear.  They had so much fun.  Matthew didn't want his bear, Jack Blue, to have an outfit, instead he got a skate board.  It is the most loved toy at our house right now.  Matthew really wants his own skate board and is always "skate boarding" around the house.  So he's living vicariously through Jack Blue.
Later that night we had cupcakes and really fun hats that Laurie and her girls made.  They were so cute.  I think that's either Matthew's pirate face or he's sick of having a camera in his face.  I'll let you decide.
These two could be brother and sister.  They had so much fun together.

We had so much fun, Carruths and Malones!  We're already looking forward to the next time we get together.


One year older and wiser, too...

Happy Birthday to you!  James actually turned 1 on the 13th, but because I was in Utah, we decided to throw a little party for him on the 19th.  He loved his very own birthday cake.    He took it slow at first.  Savoring every bite.
Then he threw off his hat and got down to business.  Ah, a boy after my own heart.  Chocolate.  And pounds of frosting.
Matthew took this pic.  I thought it was a great shot of him up close.
This is how the table was decorated for dinner.  
And here are a few of our guests, including me.  Matthew took this pic, too.  I see a future in photography.


A Little More Utah Fun...

We stayed a few extra days in Utah so we could get everything in.  Like shopping at Shopko :)  This is how Laney likes to shop.  She likes to be in charge.
Snow?  In April?  This was James' first time in the snow.  He loved it.
These two are so cute together.  It was fun watching them play and fight.  They both have grown so much.  Last summer doesn't seem long enough ago.

What Happens in St. George, Stays in St. George

Spring Fling.  Just as quickly as it arrived, it was over.  We had such a blast.  All of us girls (ages 18 and up), minus one, were able to be there.  
Would you like to know who is who?  Starting from the back, left to right;
Wendy, Jean, Karen, Annie, Tracy, Lori, LaRey, McKenzie, Jennifer, Kerri, Lisa, Bridgett, Christi, Jace, Ardith, Jennica, Michelle, Cynthia, Lindsey, James, Jamie, McKell, Me, Lisa, Edie, Laney, and Nicci

It was so much fun to get our babies together.  Shortly after this pic was taken, James started splashing and screaming.  Jace did NOT like that and immediately started screaming, too.  But it wasn't the happy kind.  And yes, there is a happy kind.
We laid out by the pool and soaked up some rays.  But don't worry, my generation is a little bit better about getting sunscreen on our kids.  Did you know that 80% of your skin damage occurs before you are 6?!  Just a number I thought I might throw out there, moms.
We practiced our toe touches.  Go McKell!  Look at the air she got.  I hear I did pretty good also.  And check out that sunflower wreath/monstrosity.  I was tempted to hide it in my suitcase.
And we did a lot of driving.  So much driving, the rugrats had to take over for a while.  
It was such a fun trip.  Bonding with the girls, nothing can measure up to it.  I'm already looking forward to next year!


Leavin' on a jet plane...

But I do know when I'll be back again.  Tomorrow I'm headed up to sunny, tropical Salt Lake City (it's supposed to be raining/snowing and only about 47 degrees!).  It's Spring Fling time with all the girls on my mom's side.  We shop, eat, eat, eat, and shop.  I will be gone for one week, so I'll have lots of fun posts when I get back!  So until then, soak up the sun for me!

Everybody poops...

My kid is strange.  While I am sure this is hardly news to anyone, each day he demonstrates a new level of weirdness.  Yesterday we had just gotten home from playing in the water at Desert Ridge, and he went straight out to the backyard.  I was on the phone with my friend Amy and when I looked out the back screen, he was stomping in a puddle.  Instantly I realized that he was as naked as the day he was born and there was not a hose in sight.  In as calm a voice as I could get out, "Matthew, are you stomping in your pee?"  He replied by laughing.  Then something in the grass caught my eye, it looked like a lovely, organic present a great dane would have left.  In not so calm of a voice, I shrieked, "Matthew, did you poop in the grass?"  "Yep, sure did."  And today, after finishing an ice cream cone outside, he proudly announced, "Mom, I pooped in the grass again.  Come look."  Fortunately, I can laugh at this, especially while cleaning human feces out of my backyard, that's when it is most important.



Last night Tim and I were watching a movie, Masterpiece Theatre's Sense and Sensibility.  I HEART Masterpiece Theatre.  Anyway,  neither one of us wanted to put Matthew to bed, so we let him sleep in our room.  He ends up in our room every night anyway, there is an air mattress on the floor by my side of the bed.  It really adds to the decor of the room.  Well, we were watching the movie in the dark and I could hear squeesh, squeesh, squeesh.  I thought it was coming from outside.  Then Tim said, "Monica, look."  And he motioned over to Matthew.  Matthew had gotten into my vaseline and rubbed it all over his face and hands.  
He was sitting there in the dark with a glistening face and rubbing his hands together like a crazed villain.  We got a pretty good laugh.  



a--attached or single? attached

b--best friend? tim
c--cake or pie? cheesecake
d--day of choice? saturday
e--essential item? chapstick
f--favorite color? purple
g--gummy bears or worms? worms
h--hometown?  phoenix
i--indulgences? anything sweet
j--january or july? july
k--kids? two great boys
l--life is incomplete without: laughter
m--marriage date? june 21, 2003
n--number of siblings? 3, lindsey, matt, julianne
o--oranges or apples? apples
p--phobias or fears?  dark water (thanks chad)
q--quotes? "Do not be too moral.  You cheat yourself out of much life.  Aim above morality.  Be not simply good; be good for something." - Thoreau
r--reason to smile? my boys playing together
s--season of choice? summer
t--tag 3 friends...lindsey, kristen, candice 
u--unknown fact about me? i want to be a writer
v--very favorite store? target
w--worst habit? it's more of an un-habit, not wearing sunscreen
x--x-ray or ultrasound?  i'm with you nicci, baby ultrasound
y--your favorite food? again nicci, i agree, sunday roast, mashed potatoes and gravy
z--zodiac sign? sagittarius