I got back from Girls Camp yesterday and had a fantastic time. We hiked four miles up to this lookout tower. It was so windy that day and felt like the wind would pick us right up and throw us over the sides. But the view was beautiful. Didn't get a picture of it.
Love our girls! They are the cutest!
Pres. Hinckley was our hero and we used the 9 B's. So our girls were bees. I know, I know, so cute.
Look at those tough leaders. I have no idea why we posed liked this. I just did what everyone else was doing.
Girls Camp was a ton of fun, except for the fact that 2 of my boys got sick and one was hospitalized.

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mrs. timberlake said...

monica... those are the cutest outfits i have ever seen at girls camp. when i grow up i want to be you as a yw leader. for shizzle.