Here's a bit of catch up.
Cute James.
The boys on Sept. 11
We planted a garden in our backyard and here was our first sprout.
Matthew lost his first tooth. He pulled it out at school. He hates pain or anything that could cause the smallest amount of discomfort. So I was shocked that he did this all on his own. He carried it around in a baggy all day at school and then when he got home. I made a little pouch for him so the Tooth Fairy could find it more easily under his pillow. He was pretty excited, although he's not so sure about the fairy part. He just rolls his eyes at me when I talk about the Tooth Fairy. Silly boy, of course fairies are real.
James posed for this picture and was proud of the outcome. He cracks me up.
Cute Jacob! He took his first two steps yesterday! He walked to the train table and was pretty darn happy with himself.

We got a new puppy a few months ago. He's a cute dog and a fun little addition to our family. Since I am the only girl in the house, I got to pick his name. I chose Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre's man), but he goes by Rocky for short.
Did you know Yorkies are in the Top 5 of all dogs that are the hardest to house-break? It's true.
I'm noticing how badly he needs a haircut. Poor shaggy pup!


The Sunday after Matt's wedding, my parents took my family, Lindsey's family and Julianne to Chattanooga. We had so much fun. We always do, no matter what we do. We took the Incline Railway up to Lookout Mountain. The views were gorgeous. The people that live up there are so lucky, especially the ones that have views of just the mountains, trees and river. The homes were also amazing. We went to Point Park, which is a park built to commemorate a battle fought on Lookout Mt. during the Civil War. I think it was called, "Battle Above the Clouds." A fog sets in the valley below and the mountain appears to reach out above the clouds. Anyway, the park was so pretty and had old canons at different lookout points and a huge memorial built in the center of the park.
We have about 10 different shots of this exact pose. Delaney has a different expression in every single one of them.
Lindsey and her cute fam.
Matthew was pretty sure that big black lump (garbage bag) was a soldier's armor from the olden days. He was so excited about his discovery and asked me to take a picture of it.
On the way back down.
This is in front of the Tennessee Aquarium. If you live or ever visit anywhere near it, it is a must. Such a great aquarium. They have it separated into two different buildings; one is sea and the other river. River was my favorite. It had sea horses and sea dragons (my favorite animal). Out front though it's like a big plaza with artwork, water features the kids can play in and bridges.
This is in the sea part. Everyone got to pet the sting rays. Matthew even did, which surprised me. I love Holly in this picture.
Tim got to feed the stingrays shrimp. They have the weirdest looking mouths.
I turned around and found Matthew waiting to have his picture taken. He NEVER poses, so I had to hurry and take advantage of this rare moment.
The S.C. aquarium had this same feature that you could climb into the middle of the tank. The kids wanted to go in this time.
Matthew just realized there was a giant crab in the tank. I love his smile. Sorry about my chubby finger being in the shot.
Just like the S.C. trip, we had to get in on the action. I got super panicked in the tight space, but appear to have held it together nicely. I think Lindsey and Julianne were laughing at me. Lindsey is never prettier than when she is laughing! She looks so pretty, even with gum in her mouth. And of course, Julianne does too.
Jacob loved being so close to the fish. He thought it was great.
Worn out!
This is one of the places the kids could play in the water. It was James' favorite part of the whole trip.
Holly is really good at ignoring you when she wants. Here she was ignoring all of us. Stone cold.
Ta-daa! That's the end of our super fun trip. Thanks Mom and Dad! We had a blast!!

Matt got married on Sept 4 and it was such a pretty day. Perfect for an outdoor wedding.
Here's the groom walking to his place. Didn't snap one of him actually walking down the aisle.
The cutest ring bearers in the entire history of the world. Seriously. Don't even try to contest it. You'll lose.
I got teary watching Matthew guide James down the aisle. It was the cutest thing ever. Matthew did NOT want to be ring bearer or wear those "stinkin' suspenders" but he did it anyway and did it so well.
Holly was feeling a bit fevered and had to relinquish her flower girl duties, but Delaney carried on like a pro. She made sure she used every petal and that they were beautifully laid. She especially made sure to scatter a ton in front of Julianne.
This is my brother's new wife, Andrea. Her brother walked her down the aisle. It was such a sweet moment.
Have you ever seen bigger blue eyes than this? Doubt it. At least belonging to a little boy as cute as this. Don't you just want to grab a spoon and eat him right up?
Pretty sister! I tried to get a picture of JA and James, but James decided just at that moment he had to go to the bathroom. He's walking toward me to announce this very loudly.
I made flowers to go in our hair. Julianne's, as you can see, is turquoise. Lindsey and I had black flowers.
I'm so glad my grandma was able to go to the wedding.
The hottest girls at the entire shindig.
Photo crashers!
My boys are crazy about dancing. It's deep in their blood. While dinner is cooking and we're waiting for Tim to walk through the door, we crank up the music and let loose. So anytime they hear music, they can't help themselves.
We love dancing together.
Poor Holls! She was not feeling hot.
OMG! Isn't that tall kid a looker? I love my little bro! This was literally the only chance we had all night to talk to Matt. He was taking pictures all night long.
We were so over pictures.
Lindsey made the groom's cake. Here it is during the process.
And here it is all finished. Amazing!! See the little Lego man? That's Matt rock climbing.