Happy Birthday, Matthew!!

Last Friday, the 24th, we celebrated Matthew's 5th birthday.  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  He'll be starting kindergarten in less than 2 weeks.  I want him to stay little forever.  No more growing up.  But today he told me, "Mom, you want me to grow bigger because that's when I'll be good."  Do I have to wait that long?  Just kidding, he's a great kid.  Just a little too smart for his own good (or mine) sometimes.

He loves Transformers and was excited about his Bumblebee helmet.  

Since we were in Utah and it was also Pioneer Day, we set off fireworks and played with some sparklers.  What a fun way to celebrate your birthday!

Matthew and his Transformer cake.  

James couldn't get enough.

I love this kid and couldn't imagine my life without him.  He brings so much happiness and adventure to our home, we couldn't have asked for a better surprise!  


This is the place...

We took the kids to This is the Place Park.  They actually had a great time.  
I think Matthew's favorite part was cleaning this rug.  It helped him practice for baseball, he said.

James and Laney did some old-school laundry.  

My cute boys.  There'll be a third one in about 4 weeks.  Can't wait.

Our little train ride around. The kids loved this part.  When we went through the tunnel, Laney would lean into James.  

All the Huff grandkid cuties.

We decided to take the kids to Lagoon the other day.  Matthew loved it.  He had such a great time and didn't want to leave.  But his eight month pregnant mother was a little worn out after 10 hours of kiddie rides.  Go figure.  
Here the kids are just after we arrived.  All fresh and ready to get started.

James and Laney loved the boat rides.  I remember loving the boats. 

James wasn't so sure about Bulgey the whale after it started.  It goes a lot faster than you would think.  he cried for just  minute, but quickly got over it and enjoyed the ride.  When I was around his age they had to stop this same ride because I was crying so much.  We're more alike than just our looks, I guess.  He's just a bit braver.

This was one of Matthew's favorite rides.  He loves to shoot guns.

The kids loved "driving" their own cars.

I love this one of Matthew in the front.  Check out that hat.  He says he was hiding, but that he had fun on this one.


Long overdue...

Well, we finally did it.  We cut those curly locks off.  I'm just embarrassed that his hair was actually this long!  Poor guy.


And the handsome, big boy afterwards.  His hair is still curly in back.  I was so afraid I was saying good-bye to his curls for good.  But luckily they're still there for the next little while.  

And now he looks so grown up!


Tubac, AZ

This weekend Tim and I went on a little getaway to Tubac, AZ.  It's about 20-30 minutes south of Tucson.  Tim was given a free 2 nights stay at the Tubac Golf Resort at work.  We had a blast.  On the way down, we passed this beautiful mission.  It was built in 1692 and is still operating as a church today!  It was beautiful.  

It is so white and looks so pretty against the blue sky.

Saturday morning we hit the greens.  It was my second time golfing ever.  I'm not great, but I had tons of fun.  Look at that belly.  This is the smallest it's been at 34 weeks, compared to my first two.     

We also checked out this mission that was built in 1691.  It was abandoned in the 1800's but is still holding up pretty well.  Tim and I love to learn about the history of our state.  So this was a fun trip.

Look at that handsome man!

It was fun to spend some time alone together before the third boy arrives.  We'll have our hands full.  So a relaxing getaway was definitely in order.    


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Babe!  I don't want to get all mushy, but I'm so glad you were born 29 years ago!  We've had so much fun and each year gets better.  
I love you so much for the man that you are.

And for the little men that are following in your footsteps.

You are a great example and they know it.

So here's to 29 more years...

And a LOT more chocolate cakes.


I'm Proud to be an American...

Happy Independence Day!  I always love the 4th.  It means summer, bbq's, swimming, fireworks, family, and freedom.  I wanted to get a picture of the boys before they got sweaty and dirty.  Love their props and poses?  Did it on their own.  So cute.

It was hot hot hot today, so James cooled down with a popsicle.

We can't do our own fireworks, so we picked up some "Pop Its" and had a blast.  Tim threw one at me, supposedly aiming for my stomach (you know, in which I am carrying his unborn son), but nailed me in the chin.  I heard him say, "Watch this" and before I could react sparks were flying off of my face.  Oops.  He's lucky I thought it was as funny as he did.  
Matthew had so much fun.  We were throwing the "pop its" at each others' feet and making each other dance.  Matthew loved this part.  Look at the happiness in that face.  Oh and btw, that's my new car in the background.  That's right, I'm officially a minivan mom.      

Hope you and your families had a great 4th!