New Tricks and Knuckleheads...

James isn't any closer to walking, but he loves to hold on to anyone's fingers and cruise around.  Because his hands are occupied, he will use his foot and big toe to point out things or play with toys.
Matthew didn't come home with any new tricks, but I think he aged about a year.  He has now started referring to me as "Knuckle-Mom," which I believe to be a derivative of "knucklehead." 
James must eat with a fork now or he isn't happy.  He can't actually fork the food himself, so mealtime has become a lot more demanding.
The boys are starting to really enjoy each other.  Well, maybe it's not that new.  They did have good times, like this.  They were playing on this tunnel and James got excited when he came out of it and could see Matthew.  I love the pointing.
Matthew really is a happy kid.  Promise.  You try to get him to smile for a picture.  

Thanks, Mom!

My mom and dad watched the boys for us while we were in Hawaii.  My mom flew out to Phoenix and took them back to Birmingham.  So when she brought them back, she stayed for a few days.  We had a lot of fun with her here.  We all wished we lived closer so we could do things all the time together.  But we'll take what we can get and be grateful.  
Thanks for everything!
Oh, and Matthew was "shy" and wouldn't look at the camera.


To Grandmother's House We Go...

While Tim and I were in Hawaii, the boys got to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Matthew and Matthew got in a lot of Wii time.  Playing while standing on chairs makes you better, I guess.
They visited the zoo and the Matthews took a ride on a camel.
Matthew had so much fun and thought he was staying for 20 days rather than 9.  He was a little disappointed when it was time to come home.
James didn't come home walking, but he sure weighs about 5 pounds more.  And I think he got away with a lot more at Grandma's than he does at home.


Aloha and Mahalo!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Hawaii.  We ended up taking over 500 pictures total.  It was a blast!  Enjoy!


Me and My Boys...

I love my boys.  They are the happiest, most fun kids around.  
Matthew is so smart and so quick.  He loves to learn so much, I'm afraid I'll run out of things to teach him.  Good thing he starts preschool in August.
And then there's James.  I have never met a happier, more content kid.  He loves life and takes in every moment.  It is so fun to watch him discover new things and apply them.  
Matthew took this picture.  I might start hiring him out for weddings and family photos.  
I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending me these beautiful boys.  They brighten every day and make even the bad times worth it.  I am sure I will gain more from them than they ever will from me.  I love being their mom!


Just because...

I had to post these because they were just too cute.  I love looking back at pictures to see where we came from and how far we've gotten.  
I love this little baby.  He has grown into an amazing man.  When I look at my own boys, my heart swells to know that they will some day become like their dad.   
Tim has passed so many things on to them.  Love of learning and music, energy (aka mischief), sense of humor, love of life, and calmness, just to name a few.
Look how far you've come, babe!  It's been a long road, but worth every second!

Free at last!

Tim and I have almost been married for five years.  Out of that, Tim has been in school for about, oh, five years.  So needless to say, today was a very exciting day.  I feel like I've given birth, minus the epidural.  Which, to be honest, would have been nice at times.  
I owe a lot to Tim's parents.  They raised an amazing kid.  
Tim and his boyfriends, Tyler and Steve.  I actually think he will have withdrawals.  And I am not even close to kidding.  
Instead of one of those stuffy caps, Tim and all the other construction grads got these great hard hats.  Way more fun and practical.  
The handsome Blood boys.  Matthew worked really hard so that I could get him mid-jump.  Hopefully, he shows that same determination when it's his turn at college.
You did it, babe!  I couldn't be prouder.  Our boys have an amazing example to follow.  I love you!  


If they don't win it's a shame...

As a graduation present from the boys, we took Tim to a D-backs game last night.  Although we lost, we had a lot of fun.  And I did say graduation!  Tim walks tomorrow!  He is all finished!  No more school!  Wahoo!

Matthew just sat there and "punched" James in the face over and over.  This is exactly how James looked through the whole beating.  He couldn't have cared less (and don't worry, if I thought my child was in serious danger, I would have stopped the attack).  I do think, however, that Matthew may need to watch out in the future.  Baby brother may be stronger.