40 years of wedded bliss...

Martha and Ted just had their anniversary and all the kids drove out to SLC to celebrate.
40 years! We had dinner at the Lion House and it was delish. The walk to and from our car was freezing though! I was not prepared for this winter coldness. But Temple Square was all lit up and beautiful. So it was well worth the frozen toes and legs.
Jacob was well geared up for the cold.
When we were leaving the Lion House, a cute couple was also leaving. They had just been married in the temple. Their party guests lined the sidewalk with giant sparklers as the couple ran through the lit tunnel. So we stopped, watched and cheered them on. When the couple had gone through, the party guests told us to go on through since they still had lots of life left on their sparklers. So we all ran through. I'm sure I had the goofiest grin on my face the whole time, but it was so fun. **Andrea and Matt, you guys totally have to do this at your wedding!**


We just spent one fun-filled week in Utah for Christmas and Martha and Ted's wedding anniversary. Our kids have never played in the snow. It's sad, I know. They loved it. We spent three days sledding. Matthew never wanted to quit, James did about 30 minutes in.


Yesterday we went to Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa. Look how excited the boys are. They could barely contain it.
Funny thing is, afterwards Matthew could not stop talking about his Q & A with Santa. It consisted of two questions.
S: Have you been good this year?
M: (just nods his head)
S: What do you want for Christmas?
M: (shrugs)
However, as time goes on and according to Matthew, the answers actually become verbal ones.
James would frequently inject, "I miss Santa" into every conversation.

We went with Amy and Colin. Colin was Santa's mini-me. The boys had lots of fun with their cousin. We had some lunch at the restaurant, hit up the shooting range, went up and down the elevator, sunk a few putts, saw a giant catfish, and followed animal prints throughout the store. Such a fun day.
My birthday is in 2 days! Remember how I spent it last year? Well, the boys have pink eye again! And I think I might have it, too. Gross.


O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

Saturday night while we were setting up our Christmas tree, we discovered that it was broken. Broken beyond repair. So we decided that this year, we would get a real tree, but a small one. It's so tiny. But our boys love it. Remember, they're the ones that pick out the smallest, greenest pumpkin they can find. So, of course they love little trees. Look how tiny that fir is. So cute.

This is my only picture from Thanksgiving. Sad, I know.
But I just love the size difference of these two kids. Jacob and Devin (I think he looks so much like Amy in this picture) are only 6 weeks apart. I remember wondering, not that long ago, if Jacob would ever chunk up. He was so skinny, just like Devin.
They'll be great buddies, I can already tell.