Desoto Caverns

We went the Desoto Caverns one day. It was a lot of fun. The caverns were really neat, but we all loved the stuff to do above ground.
Matthew and his awesome posing.
James trying to copy Matthew pose. Not quite. These pictures are so representative of these two, though. Matthew's wound a little tight and James is a little more out there.
Descending into the caverns.
James was really sad because he wasn't old enough to do archery.
Yep, those are toilets.
Julianne will be our hunter if we ever have to survive out in the wilderness.

Birmingham Zoo

Finally! I can post pictures, but it has to be done one at a time. So it takes a while.
While we were in B'ham we went to the zoo. It was a perfect zoo day, sunny and warm with a breeze. We had a lot of fun.
I love this face Holly makes. It's actually a happy face, believe it or not.
Matthew either has to pose or have a goofy face for pictures now. I'm not sure why, but we get some funny pictures.
Delaney was trying to pose like Matthew in this one.



Blogger is not letting me post pictures for some reason. It's been doing this for about two days. Hopefully I'll have some up from my trip to B'ham soon.


Yesterday Jacob had his 6 month check-up.
He is 28 inches long-90% and
17 lbs 9 oz-50%. He is just like Matthew. Not only does the kid look exactly like him, but he is built like him, too. And just when I think he is getting his own look to him, I'll pull out a picture of Matthew at the same age and they're identical.
Jacob is still such a happy kid. His big, blue eyes are almost always smiling. Except when it's bed time. He is still not sleeping very good at night and I am just hoping for a full night's sleep soon.
But he couldn't be cuter and I couldn't be more grateful to have this little guy.


The other day Tim was outside with Matthew and had a funny conversation.
Matthew: "Dad, I'm a moron."
Tim: "No you're not. Don't say that about yourself"
M: "But I am a moron."
T: "Oh, do you mean a Mormon?"
M: "Oh yeah. I'm a Mormon."
This morning on the way to school, Matthew was telling me a story about one of his friends.
M: "Ben has a shirt that says 'My mom is hot!' on it. That's funny."
Me: "Do you know what that means?"
M: "That she's really fancy."


4 Lords and their Wench

On Saturday we went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We went with Tim's sisters, Amy and her fam, and Kristen. The people watching alone is worth the trip. Seriously.
Our cute nephew, Colin. He had Jacob cracking up.
When I first saw these girls, I thought, who would wear a fox tail like that? The answer? About 50% of the women at the festival.
Matthew and James got to pretend to be knights in a jousting competition. Neither one smiled the whole time. That means they had a blast.
The three boys got swords (thanks Amy and Brien). They had so much fun with them. And surprisingly, were very careful with them, although they did get in a few battles.
I love this picture. The pig posed, too.
Don't have a sheath for your sword? No worries. The back of your shirt works perfectly.
Cute Kristen. I keep hoping school never ends for Donavon, so that they'll stay here longer. We'll miss them! In the meantime, check out the hottie in the loincloth behind her. Oh yeah. At least he's not obese, like 80% of the people attending the festival.
And I'll leave you with one parting shot. This picture is honestly worth a thousand words and pretty much sums up a Renaissance Festival.