4 days old...

Jacob does not like his baths.  He screamed the whole time.  But as soon as the diaper was put back on, he was good.  Look at that angry little man.  

Today is the longest he has had his eyes open.  He has been trying to take everything in.  I wish these pictures showed how much hair he has, for one of our kids anyway.  

He is so long and skinny.  But don't worry, he is getting plenty to eat.  He would like to spend all day eating if he could.  Just get a look at those arms and legs!   

We just love this little guy and can't get enough of him.  Matthew loves to read to him and James is always wondering where "Gi-cub" is.  


Jacob Castleton Blood

He's here!
Jacob Castleton Blood was born on August 27, 2009.
He was 7 lbs. 12 oz and 21 inches long.
And he actually has hair!!
Here he is just minutes old.

This is just after he was born, so he's got that goop in his eyes still.  But look at that cute little face!

Our newly expanded family.  Matthew was so excited to meet his new brother.  James was more excited to eat my food.

My mom told Matthew something funny while he was holding Jacob and Matthew replied, "Grandma you can't make me laugh or I'll drop the baby."  So careful with his brother.  

The handsome Blood boys all together.    

We're so glad he is finally here!  He is such a cute boy.  He looks a lot like Matthew, but with brown hair.  We love him so much and are excited for him to be in our family now.  


Here you go, Linz.  


Baby Update

Even though my baby ticker says Snake is 2 days old, he's not.  He's decided to cook a bit longer.  I'll be induced on Thursday if I don't have him by then.  I hope he decides to come before that though.    

**Update**  Snake is not 5 days old.  He's still hangin' out in the womb.  By tomorrow night we should have another boy joining the ranks.  I don't mind being pregnant, but I can't wait to meet this little guy!


Our Newest Addition...

The labor was intense and took longer than either of us expected.  But it was well worth it in the end.  Because now the boys have a new...

Okay, so I know that was kind of mean, but I'm still pregnant.  Snake is still waiting to make his grand appearance.  But back to the boys' new bunkbed.  Tim has been working on it for a while and it is finally complete.  Our painted walls are a different story.

Last night was Matthew and James' first night sharing a room.  James was way too excited about this and spazzed out for a few hours.  Matthew yelled at him the whole time.  Did you know that you have to wake up at 2:00 in the morning for kindergarten?  Me neither, but apparently that's what time Matthew has to be up by.  Finally James fell asleep around 11:00.  Then around 1:15 he fell out of his bed and cried.  Sometime between 2 and 3 we heard a bump and a small cry, but after that it was quiet.  Around 4:15 he started crying, which woke Matthew up.  We then had to coax Matthew to stay in his bed.  Around 6:15, James fell out of his bed again.  Unfortunately, less than 30 minutes later he was getting up with me and is a tiny bit cranky.  I'm not sure why.  Matthew, on the other hand, has been delightful.

Here are the two cute boys, excited for their first night in their new room.  Considering it was James' first time in a big boy bed and Matthew's first night in his own room in, I am ashamed to admit this, years, they did really good.  

Hopefully, my next post will be announcing Snake's arrival.  Stay tuned...


First Day of School

Today was Matthew's first day of Kindergarten and he was so excited.  He kept reminding me to wake him up on time so that he wouldn't be late.  

James wanted to get in on the picture taking action.  

Matthew in front of his classroom.  It was super sunny and really hot.  When we got to school, it was about 10 minutes before the bell, and so all the kindergartners were playing on the playground.  Not Matthew, he was ready for class to start and didn't want to waste any time.  He kept saying, "When is school going to start?"  Waiting around was not what he had in mind.

Matthew found his name on a table and got really excited.  But I also think he couldn't wait for me to get out of there.  So I took a quick picture and said good-bye.  

When James and I got back to the car he asked, "Where'd brother go (he never says Matthew)?"  I told him that Matthew was at school.  James lost it.  I've never heard a cry so sad.  He cried and kept saying, "Brother!"  So cute.  He got over it pretty fast once we were home and he got a  snack.  
I can't believe how fast time goes.  I feel like it was a week ago that I brought my first baby home.  And now I'm dropping him off at school.  He's gotten so big and is so smart, I can't wait to see what this new adventure will bring him!