Look at this cute face. Can you believe it had to spend the whole weekend in the hospital? Half of which his mom was 4 hours away at Girls Camp. He got mastoiditis. Poor guy.
You can't tell super well, but his ear is swollen and red. When I got there Saturday afternoon, I was told it had gone way down. He did so well in the hospital. He was probably the craziest and wildest of pediatric patients this hospital ever saw. At 10:00 pm when I couldn't get him to go to sleep (usually a frustrating chore), I was just so grateful that he was okay. I was completely spent after many sleepless nights at Girls Camp, but I was so happy to be with my little guy. He's home now, after two nights in the hospital, and enjoying some down time. He's on 3 different meds, which will be a miracle if I can remember to give him all 5 doses a day.
His favorite part of being in a hospital is the food service. He loves it and wants to share it with everyone. Sweet boy.
Matthew and Jacob came for a visit. I hadn't seen those two since I left for Girls Camp either. So I was so excited to see them. Unfortunately, Jacob isn't as big of a mama's boy as he was before I left. Broke my heart a little bit. Matthew and James ate their happy meals and watched G-Force. The brothers are very happy to all be together again. And I'm happy that our little family is back together at home.
I know our family was being watched over during this time and I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for keeping my family safe while I was away. Everything seemed to work out the best way possible. Thank you to Martha, Ted and Amy for all that they did, which was A LOT! Tim was amazing and so patient with me and I love him so much! He's the best dad and our boys are so lucky. Thanks, babe! And thanks to everyone that has helped us during this time.


mrs. timberlake said...

um... are you kidding me?? JEESH! I am so glad Ted and Martha and Tim and Amy were your dream team while you were away. can't imagine what that must have been like for you. glad everyone is back together.... we will talk soon!

Cheris said...

He's so cute!!! I'm glad that he's doing okay. Those meals look amazing!!! Our hospital food is pretty good (we go once a month to eat there for no particular reason other than it's a cheep family "date"). He looks so much like you!!! He's so happy in both photos, I would have never guessed he had been sick.

Your girls camp photos are cute too. You did have an adorable group of girls. I'm excited for the days when I get to go back. I'm glad they're still a ways away but it'll be fun to get out and get dirty again.