Last week we went to the zoo and sweated our pants off. And we got there at 8:30 am. We finished our zoo trip up with a romp in the water caves.
Matthew and James like to bust out their moves every now and then. Awesome.
We grabbed lunch at Ted's Famous Hot Dogs.
Jacob loves to play in the pantry and reorganize the items on the floor and now that he can pull himself up, the bottom shelf.


Queen of Kings said...

Your boys are SO CUTE! I love the dancing picture it cracks me up! You're such a fun Mom! As I am reading thru your posts I am amazed that you venture out to do different things everyday.. I always wonder how I'll do it with 1 and you do it remarkably with 3 you're AMAZING! Happee Belated 7 years thats Awesome!

The Mallory's said...

In the first pantry picture of Jacob he has that same look on his face that Delaney and James have on their face in the fridge picture.