We celebrated Fall and the arrival of cooler weather by visiting our local pumpkin patch. Meaning the local farm that ships in hundreds of pumpkins and then charges at least 4 times more than you would pay in a store. It's fun nonetheless.
We checked out the corn maze.
Matthew loved being our leader. He decided each twist and turn we would make. James was the reliable sidekick that would reiterate whatever his big brother said.
Jacob loved the pumpkins. He sat down on one and bounced up and down. I think he thought it was a big bouncy ball. Cute boy.
We always let our boys pick out a little pumpkin and then we buy the big ones from the store.
Jacob picked out his own props for the picture.
We headed over to the pig races. Pigs are smelly. Really smelly. But also very cute, in a disgusting, stinky barnyard animal way.
We enjoyed a chili dinner afterwards. Jacob couldn't get enough of the cornbread or apple pie. However, only the chili left any evidence. Look at those big blue eyes!
There was a band that set up to play and as soon as they started, Jacob was mesmerized. He wanted to join the band. I also think that he thought walking in circles was dancing.
The guy on the keyboard was in our Greenway ward. Woohoo, Bro. Curtis!
I have no idea who this kid was, but these two were breakin' down.
We got home with very sleepy, very dusty, and very cute kids. Success.


Here's our garden! It's growing like a weed. Except it's better than weeds. It's full of vegetables.


This past week my kids had Fall Break. Since Tim had a few big things going on at work, he couldn't take any time off. So I decided we'd go on a "staycation." I turned our house into Hotel De Morelos. For FHE last week, we got in the car to go on a fun trip, when we got to our destination it looked an awful lot like our house! But little did our boys know, we had just arrived at the most exclusive, luxurious and all-inclusive hotel ever. We offered room service (they chose their breakfast, lunches, snacks, and desserts), mints on freshly made beds, a chauffeur service, a spa, among many other things. I made room keys for the boys and a "lock" for their door. They loved it. I made a spot in the main living area of the hotel for the itinerary, room keys (in the turquoise card), and messages.
On the itinerary we had library, park, learning to ride bikes, zoo, culinary lessons, ghost town, movie night, games and so much more!
Here it the hotel's very own game room. We used it almost every day.
Delicious picnic of lunchables goodness.
Culinary lessons. We made sugar cookies. The boys loved helping.
Matthew said, "Hey, Mom, I'll add the love." Oh, Spongebob.
Jacob did his part by reorganizing the cupboards.
Goldfield Ghost Town. Super fun!
Superstition Mountains
Our new friend. Isn't he cute?
Afterwards we each got an ice cream cone. Mine had a dead worm in it. Super yum!
Crazy monkeys!

Jacob loved the carousel. It was his first time on one. I'm sure it was not his last.
Ted's Hot Dogs. Such a good place. I love the corn dogs and cheese fries.
What a fun staycation! Can't wait to do it again.