I had to include these pictures. While I was trying to feed Jacob, he had some entertainment off to the side. He thought they were pretty crazy.
This one sure is.
And this one in front is too. Crazy boys.


Last night while I was eating dinner, Jacob kept grabbing my arm and trying to eat my food. So I thought I'd give rice cereal a try. He wasn't so crazy about it.
Here it looks like he thinks I just poisoned him.
Trying to spit out all that nastiness.
Ewww, a little bit left in his mouth.
Shudder! Flashback of the nastiness.
Oh, look at those big, blue eyes! Love this kid!

Monday was Matthew's 100th day of school. I can't believe he is more than half way through kindergarten. He has grown up so much in that time. He is an amazing reader and has a growing vocabulary that he likes to practice all the time. Sometimes he gets a little to smart for his britches, but we love this kid and are so grateful for who he is.
Everyday after school this week, he puts his 100 hat on and wears it the rest of the day. He's a cutie.

Sometimes James is so worn out that he will lay down anywhere. Even in the pantry with a sucker poking him in the eye.


Look how big Jacob is getting! He is such a happy kid and almost always very content. James is still just as cute as ever. Although, he has turned out to be our biggest troublemaker.