My kids get really bored during the summer, so I was trying to find stuff we could do to keep us busy. I didn't want to hear the dreaded, "I'm bored." I found something called Funner in the Summer on 30days. She has a whole series on Summer fun for kids. I loved her idea and tweeked it to fit my kids. Each week we have a theme, this week was construction. So most of what we do during the week goes along with our theme. On Mondays we go to the library and pick out books based on our theme. After that we walk over to the Riparian and feed the ducks. This is James' favorite part of the week, I think.
The boys always want a picture taken in front of the fountain at the library. When we get to the library James always requests a quarter to toss in. He only gets a penny, ssssh, don't tell.
Jacob did not want to sit in his stroller. He had had it!
My boys love to dance. That's what they're doing in the picture. Jacob even dances.

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