We had a very fun-filled 2 weeks in Utah this summer.
Holly taught Jacob how delicious dirt is.
He does this scrunchy face almost every time a camera is around. I love it.
Delaney showed us her lady-like eating techniques.
James worked on his aerobics in the backyard.
Tim, Julianne and Taylor did the Sky Coaster at Lagoon.
We waited around for a long time until it was finally their turn.
Tim said the scariest part was being pulled 150 feet up in the air.
I'm not sure if you can blow this up or not, but their faces are priceless in this shot.
They survived!
We celebrated Matthew's birthday. The big 6!
That night Jacob pulled a table down on his face and we got to visit the ER. 7 stitches later and he was as good as new.
We drove out to Tremonton and watched the fireworks from the Zundels' backyard. Holly was so excited about it, she danced the night away. She loves pioneers.
Lindsey got Matthew a snuggy for his birthday. He loves it and wore it home on our 13 hour drive. He's going through a camo stage. Funny for such a self-proclaimed "indoorsy' kid.
The fireworks were a perfect end to a perfect trip.
I left one of my cameras in UT and as soon as I get it, I'll post more pics.


Happy 4th of July! We had a very low-key 4th this year. We grilled and had a pop-its war. We also watched Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix all day. Don't waste your money on the movie, especially if you're a fan of the series. When your 5 year old loudly proclaims, "Booooring!" and "This is not fun!" you know it's not good. So disappointing. I almost walked out only about 5 minutes in. But we've been watching this show for 5 years now, so we had high expectations. Enough about the movie.
I attempted to get all 3 boys to look at the camera at once. No such luck.
James was afraid Tim was going to throw a pop-it at him. Fortunately for James, Tim reserved that for Julianne and me.
James and Matthew studying a pop-it. Check out those "crawler knees" on Jacob. So cute!


List of fun things to do today

This morning Matthew, all on his own, made a list of things to do today. He is such a cutie.
In case you can't read all of it, here's what it says:
List of fun things to do today
Wake up J.A. (Julianne)
Board Game
Fort Contest
Watch a Movie
I love this kid! This morning Matthew and James woke up Julianne. I got mad at them for it. Matthew later said, "Mom, why did you get mad at us for waking up Julianne? You knew it was on the list of fun things to do today."


Let's face it, I'm hotter than you.

Julianne and I went to the midnight showing of Eclipse. We thought we would be early and be pretty close to the front of the line. Ha. We were probably 400th in line. But we had a ton of fun waiting and people watching.
The above picture was taken with Julianne's phone because we forgot the camera. So when we got back home, we had to get a picture of us in the shirts we made. Totally awesome.
I'll admit, I'm a Twerd, but that's okay.

Amy-I copied you and went dark. What can I say? You inspire me.