I am grateful for...

This was Matthew's answer at preschool.  Isn't he the cutest?  I thought for sure he would say Wii. 
We had such a great Thanksgiving weekend spent with family!  Amy, Brien and their adorable little boy, Colin drove in from San Diego to visit.  We ate lots of food, laughed many times, suffered through the absolute worst Christmas movie ever (which is saying a lot coming from me), watched Twilight...twice, that makes a total of 3 trips to the theater for this movie (and yes, it gets better with each viewing), took family pictures, and went to temple lights.  

Seriously, where's my baby? 
Have you ever seen cuter brothers?  
I love how uncooperative James is being and Matthew doesn't break focus at all. 

Cousins!  These guys had so much fun together.  Come back soon Colin.

*All pictures courtesy of Kristen*
Hope you all had a great holiday spent with family!




  • Post rules on your blog
  • Answer the six "4" items
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4 Things I did yesterday
  • Took Matthew to preschool
  • Went Christmas shopping
  • Made dinner
  • Watched The Hills
4 Things I look forward to
  • Thanksgiving
  • When James starts talking and stops screaming
  • Seeing Twilight again
  • Going to Alabama next month!!
4 Restaurants I like
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • The Depot
  • Chick-fil-A 
  • Rosa's
4 Things on my wish list (in no particular order)
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • My boys becoming friends
  • Another baby
  • New furniture for my front room
4 Favorite TV shows 
  • Gossip Girl
  • Privileged
  • America's Next Top Model (haven't found something to fill its void yet)
  • 90210 (not a top fave, but I do watch it every week)
4 People I tag
  • Lindsey
  • Julianne
  • Lisa B
  • Jamie


Hair, Lunch and a Movie

*Sorry, Mom, I darkened my hair.  I was tiring of the root upkeep.*  
So Saturday finally came around and us girls had a blast.  We went to the cutest salon and got our cut/washed/styled.  An hour and a half later, yep you read that right (Amy, center, must have extremely perfect hair now, each strand snipped to the exact length she asked for) we were ready for our next stop, Cafe Rio.  We had a delish lunch and headed over to our final and most anticipated stop... 

*Warning*Do not read on if you have yet to see the movie.  Although I liked the movie, I didn't love it (some cheesy moments), but after more time passes I like it more and more.  Kristen and I are planning on seeing it again, which I have heard from the girls in my Laurels class is a good idea.  So I'm hoping to love the flick by the end of this week.  

Thanks gorgeous girls for a fabulous afternoon.  I couldn't have asked for better company!


U Dazzle Me!

I really tried hard not to write about about a certain book on this blog, but I am giddy with excitement for tomorrow.  
When I was waiting for Matthew to come out of preschool today, on the back window of his teacher's car "U DAZZLE ME" was written on the dusty glass.  My heart started to race and my stomach dropped.  For a movie.  Sad?  You betcha.  But I can't help the excitement.  And I have a feeling I am not alone.
 With that being said, I have one request for you, Mr. Rob Pattinson.  DAZZLE ME.  
See you tomorrow, girls!


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

James has a thing for shoes.  He loves them.  He wants to be wearing them at all times.  It doesn't matter if he just woke up or is going to bed, he has to have a pair on.  Sometimes he'll walk out of my closet with some black pumps or steel-toed boots.  It doesn't matter what the shoe, he's got to have it.  And as you can see, you don't even need to wear pants.  


Black Widows

Matthew has a pair of pajamas that have black widows all over the shirt and pants.  To say it freaks him out a little bit is an understatement.  The other night he did not have any other pajamas and the black widows were his only choice.  It was a fight to get them on.  Finally he conceded, but only with the bottoms.  He requested a white t-shirt and then said,  "I have to tell you, Mom, now I'm going to have a dream about a giant black widow that kills me."  Luckily, he didn't.  But that's because he prayed for good dreams and Heavenly Father sent them his way.  The faith of a child.


Camping Trip

A few weekends ago we went camping with our friends the Jones family.  We went up to Sedona where Fall is in full swing.  The leaves are changing color and the temperature is just right.

All the kids were begging to go to bed.  Except for James, he cried for a very long time.  I'm sure all of our neighbors loved us.  Look how cute they are!  It got down to freezing that night!  Luckily Tim and I had decided to bring one mattress to share.  We put our little heaters (matthew and james) between us and stayed warm enough.    

I took this picture because James was standing at the door of the tent wanting to go outside and he no longer looked like a baby to me.  He's a little boy!

It was cold enough to wear our sweatshirts!  

Matthew was a river-rock jumping fool.  After this shot, he didn't need help anymore.  He was jumping all over the place.  It was fun to watch him be so confident and have so much fun.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was our nature walk.  The kids loved it.  Cooper, Matthew, Ella and James all had a great time.



Election Day 2008

We did it.  We went and braved the lines at the polling place.  We spent hours standing in line, waiting for our turn.  Okay, so maybe it was only about 30 minutes.  The boys each got a sticker that they proudly wore all day.  Matthew got upset a few times when he thought he lost his.  He was also disappointed to find out that Obama was not at the "Voting Place."  I didn't realize, but he thought Obama would be there and he would finally get to meet him.  Matthew loves Obama.  It's so funny how involved he has been in this election.  Matthew Blood for 2040!


Halloween Fun Part 2

We had a very fun Halloween this year.  We went up to Tim's parents' house to go trick-or-treating.  And had a great time.
This year I decided to make the boys' costumes.  I have only ever made 1 apron and a few blankets.  So I think I was a little overly confident.  I finished Matthew's in time, but...

...James had to go without his dragon hood and finished hems on his sleeves and legs.  Oh well, he's young and I had green paint.  So it worked.

I just thought it was so cute to see them standing together at each door, waiting for their next treat.  James would instantly put his treat into his mouth, wrapper and all.