Like, I totally love the 80's, Dude!

Like, today was totally 80's day. Gnarly, right? Like, for sure.
You know you're a parent/old when school kids are dressing up from the decade you're from.
I wasn't sure how to dress a boy up for 80's day. Not many options for a boy. Girls can crimp their hair, wear a side ponytail, have the huge wave bangs, and don't even get me started on the endless possibilities for their wardrobe options. But on the way to school today I saw a boy dressed up as a rocker from an 80's hair band. What a great idea! Why couldn't I have thought of that?! Anyway, here's Matthew with his neon tee, cuffed jeans (I looked for acid-wash ones at the thrift stores, no luck), his Vans, and an awesome pair of Ray-Bans.
James didn't dress up, but you'd think it was still crazy hair day. Check out that bedhead!
Jacob wanted nothing to do with 80's day.
"Like, barf me out. I just want to eat, my bodacious mama."
Then his shirt touched his cheek. He thought it was food.
On discovering it was not food, he, like, totally spazzed out. And I was like, "Take a chill pill, Dude."
I fed him right after this photo. Look at the sadness, you'd think he hadn't eaten for days (especially if you look at those skinny legs).


Crazy Hair Day

Today was Crazy Hair Day. We tried a spiky hair 'do, but his hair has gotten a little long and gave him really tall spikes. He wasn't super excited about them, so we slicked his hair down and sprayed it blue. James loved the spikes, but not the blue. So we had one spiky boy and one blue boy. Craziness!


Pure Sock Craziness

It's Spirit Week at Matthew's school.  Today everyone is supposed to wear crazy socks.  Matthew was a little worried that he was wearing "girl" socks (they're mine) and that they were a little too crazy.  Luckily, once we got to school most kids, including the boys, had on long striped socks.  

James didn't want to be left out of the fun.

Even Jacob donned some striped craziness.  

Jacob is a month old now and chunkin' up real good.  He's still a pretty serious little guy, but he smiled at me on Friday for the first time.  The boys still love him, which is good.  The other night as the big boys were getting ready for bed, Matthew wanted to sing a lullaby to Jacob.  So he sat in the rocker and sang the first verse of "I am a Child of God" and then he sang  "Douglas Mountain."  But he made up his own lyrics for little Jacob.  He sang;
"Stars are twinkling over Douglas Mountain
Stars are twinkling so bright
Stars are twinkling over Douglas Mountain
Putting the night sky to sleep
Putting Jacob to sleep."
Yes, I had a few renegade tears.  I love those moments.  Especially at the end of a rough day.


My Three Boys

Jacob is getting bigger and bigger!  He is such a good baby.  He's pretty content for the most part.  He is always so serious.  

I had lots of moms tell me that having 3 kids is so hard.  So far, it's a cinch.  When Jacob is up and moving around, I'll let you know if I feel the same way.  Hopefully, I do.  Look at these three boys!  How could they ever be any trouble?

Certainly this one never is.  Look at that sweet and innocent smile.  Whenever we get into the car he makes the same song request everyday.  The song?  Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas.  Or, in his words, "Get dat, boom boom boom."  Yeah, I'm a good mom.  They sure say "ship" ;) a lot in that song.

Matthew is so proud of his baby brother.  Especially of the fact that Jacob looks just like him.  They're twins separated by 5 years.

Matthew is just as funny as ever.  The other day he was talking about being a dad when he's all grown up.  Here's how our conversation went after that;
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Matthew: A firefighter.  Oh wait, that's dangerous.
Me: Yeah, but it's very brave to be a firefighter.
Matthew: Maybe I'll just be a worker.  
Me: A worker?  But what do you want to do?
Matthew:  Mom, dad's a worker and he does nothing.  


James got a haircut this weekend.  The curls are officially gone (hopefully not for good).  He aged about 2 years.  

I am the worst newborn photographer.  I have no idea how to capture a good picture of a new baby.  So this one will have to suffice until I can get some better ones.  Jacob is such a good baby.  He sleeps like a champ and eats like one, too.  He is a pretty content baby.  He loves to just take in his surroundings with those big blue eyes.  We love him so much and just can't get enough.   

Matthew is doing good and didn't want to pose for a picture.  I didn't feel like torturing one out of him today, but I'll have one up soon.  He still loves school and looks forward to it every day.  


Here are some new pictures of two of my boys.  
Jacob is so good when we go on car rides.  

James loves helping in the kitchen.  So he had a great time helping my mom make homemade chicken noodle soup.