All Tuckered Out...

You'd think they'd been doing all the work.

Smile...Yoohoo, over here...No, here...Oh, forget it...

It is so hard to get these kids to cooperate for a photo. But the pix I do get are
hilarious sometimes. Especially the one just above.


James is such a happy kid. Life is always good.

That's How We Roll...

I just got a new jogger and the boys love it. Matthew always wants to go for walks. James sits back and relaxes. I'm starting to get back in shape and Tim and I are planning on running in the
Disney Half Marathon next September. It's going to be so much fun!



For about a week or so I have been trying to upload video of James rolling over, but it won't work. So here is a picture of the happy boy just after a successful roll.


Next time won't you sing with me...

Matthew does a little dance

and recites the alphabet for us.

Oops... I'm a goofy head!

Matthew gets a piece of gum for everytime he goes potty in the toilet. Sometimes he has a hard time keeping his gum in his mouth. This day he decided that gum would look great in his hair. Well, he quickly changed his mind and had to tell on himself. Bummer. "Oops... I sorry! Mommy, I didn't put the gum in my mouth. I'm a goofy head."
Yes, Matthew you are. But you're my little goofy head.


Three Generations of Amazing Genes...

Grandpa James
Wow, those are some good looking babies.

Oh, Matthew, always a sucker for the camera.
Sorry this one is kind of dark, but you can
still see how cute he is.

James moves so much, it's actually very hard not to get a blurry action shot.


This is for Lindsey...

For Matthew's birthday, his Aunt Lindsey got him Play-Doh.
He loves it. It even came with "paper-cut scissors"
(otherwise known as scissors, fortunately they're not even
sharp enough to cut paper). I bet you wish you had a pair.
Here are some pictures he took today of his Play-Doh sculptures.

Yes, this dog has two noses and three eyes. Is that a problem?

This is a school bus. His proudest achievement,
although his mom did most of it. Shhh, don't tell,
I'm not sure which one of us would be more embarrassed.

This is a snake.

Oh no! The snake got the school bus!

I love boys! They are so fun!