a--attached or single? attached

b--best friend? tim
c--cake or pie? cheesecake
d--day of choice? saturday
e--essential item? chapstick
f--favorite color? purple
g--gummy bears or worms? worms
h--hometown?  phoenix
i--indulgences? anything sweet
j--january or july? july
k--kids? two great boys
l--life is incomplete without: laughter
m--marriage date? june 21, 2003
n--number of siblings? 3, lindsey, matt, julianne
o--oranges or apples? apples
p--phobias or fears?  dark water (thanks chad)
q--quotes? "Do not be too moral.  You cheat yourself out of much life.  Aim above morality.  Be not simply good; be good for something." - Thoreau
r--reason to smile? my boys playing together
s--season of choice? summer
t--tag 3 friends...lindsey, kristen, candice 
u--unknown fact about me? i want to be a writer
v--very favorite store? target
w--worst habit? it's more of an un-habit, not wearing sunscreen
x--x-ray or ultrasound?  i'm with you nicci, baby ultrasound
y--your favorite food? again nicci, i agree, sunday roast, mashed potatoes and gravy
z--zodiac sign? sagittarius 


Jamie and Brady said...

9 days and counting!!

The Mallory's said...

Maybe I'm afraid of dark water for that same reason. I never thought of that, or maybe it's because the most dark water I've ever seen is Willard Bay and you have no idea what is in there. Who knows but I'm with you on that one.