To Grandmother's House We Go...

While Tim and I were in Hawaii, the boys got to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Matthew and Matthew got in a lot of Wii time.  Playing while standing on chairs makes you better, I guess.
They visited the zoo and the Matthews took a ride on a camel.
Matthew had so much fun and thought he was staying for 20 days rather than 9.  He was a little disappointed when it was time to come home.
James didn't come home walking, but he sure weighs about 5 pounds more.  And I think he got away with a lot more at Grandma's than he does at home.


The Mallory's said...

Delaney would have loved to play with James in the water. Your boys are so cute. I bet your happy it wasn't 20 like Matthew thought it would be.

The Mallory's said...

20 days that is.

Jill said...

Matthew looks so grownup. Look out preschool, here he comes.