Free at last!

Tim and I have almost been married for five years.  Out of that, Tim has been in school for about, oh, five years.  So needless to say, today was a very exciting day.  I feel like I've given birth, minus the epidural.  Which, to be honest, would have been nice at times.  
I owe a lot to Tim's parents.  They raised an amazing kid.  
Tim and his boyfriends, Tyler and Steve.  I actually think he will have withdrawals.  And I am not even close to kidding.  
Instead of one of those stuffy caps, Tim and all the other construction grads got these great hard hats.  Way more fun and practical.  
The handsome Blood boys.  Matthew worked really hard so that I could get him mid-jump.  Hopefully, he shows that same determination when it's his turn at college.
You did it, babe!  I couldn't be prouder.  Our boys have an amazing example to follow.  I love you!  


Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Congratulations! Congratulations to Tim and to Monica and the boys too! We're really excited that you made it. I love the photos, thanks for posting them. (I was really hoping you would post tonight.) I feel like I was almost there. Can I try on the hard hat next time I'm in town?

Alphabet Malone said...

Woo hoo! I am so proud you! Thanks so much for putting up these pictures too, I was really hoping to see them. Monica - I have a really cute picture of James I will send you today...

Dan, Mimi and Claire said...

Those are great pictures. Congrats, again. You should be on cloud nine!

aaron and meg facer said...

Congratulations! That must feel SOOOO good!