New Tricks and Knuckleheads...

James isn't any closer to walking, but he loves to hold on to anyone's fingers and cruise around.  Because his hands are occupied, he will use his foot and big toe to point out things or play with toys.
Matthew didn't come home with any new tricks, but I think he aged about a year.  He has now started referring to me as "Knuckle-Mom," which I believe to be a derivative of "knucklehead." 
James must eat with a fork now or he isn't happy.  He can't actually fork the food himself, so mealtime has become a lot more demanding.
The boys are starting to really enjoy each other.  Well, maybe it's not that new.  They did have good times, like this.  They were playing on this tunnel and James got excited when he came out of it and could see Matthew.  I love the pointing.
Matthew really is a happy kid.  Promise.  You try to get him to smile for a picture.  


The Mallory's said...

By the way, James got Delaney hooked on oranges. He went nuts for them at mom's house and now Delaney demands them too.
James may be walking before Delaney. He's always up for a challenge, especially if she has already started it. Let the race begin!!!

mrs. timberlake said...

Are those pictorials at Desert Ridge? I completely forgot about the little playzone by CPK and Borders or whatever bookstore is over there. I rarely venture down that far. If those pictures aren't at Desert Ridge. Disregard this comment.

James is so dang cute. Mackenzie is on a walking strike, so I would like to enter her in the race... see if she'll get serious about her goal.

Jamie and Brady said...

James is so funny, he looks like such a boyish boy until he daintily walks on his tippy toes...and I guess now he's pointing! hilarious.