I am Grateful to be Their Mom Because (part 2)....

I thought today I would highlight a few of the things I love about my boys.

Matthew is without a doubt one of the smartest kids I know (I know most parents say this about their kids, but allow me this). He is an avid reader and loves to learn. Whenever he has a question about something, he immediately seeks out the answer. Right now his interest lies with Camelot. I know! What a cutie. We both have reading in common. Currently, we are reading The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. We each read on our own and then discuss what we've read. Here's a conversation we had:
Matthew: "I would love to see the girls that live in the lake. They sound creepy."
Me: "That's what I thought, too. With their yellow eyes and flowing black hair."
Matthew: "You know the mermaids in Harry Potter?"
Me: "Yeah..."
Matthew: "Well, that's what I picture them looking like."
Me: "Me too!"
Matthew (bursts out into his infectious laughter): "Our minds work the same!"
I have often wondered if he is comprehending what he is reading, since he reads far above his grade level. But this is proof that not only is he comprehending, but he can see it all in his head. Love him!
James. I have a big soft spot for this boy. He is probably the meanest (and I mean that in the most loving way possible because he does not like bullies. Unless he's the bully.) of the bunch, but a wicked little smile and that dimple completely melt away any chance I have of punishing him. He is also my biggest helper. Whenever I go into the kitchen, the screech of a chair being dragged across the floor immediately follows me. He's very independent, as long as I am close by. Whenever I need to go behind a closed door (bathroom) his little fingers stick underneath it as he asks me questions. Love him!
Jacob is our biggest troublemaker. He is constantly on the go. Nothing slows him down, not even falling down the stairs. He gets right back up and keeps going. When he is doing something that he knows he should not be doing, he does this slow blink. I'm not sure what he thinks that does, but apparently it must be some kind of mind trick. And it usually works because I just laugh at him. Whenever he's told to say "thank you" or we tell him we love him, he responds by kissing the air. So stinking cute! He is also my big snuggler. He's always good for a schmug. Love him!

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Lindsey M said...

I love that picture of James! If you were trying to describe what he was like, all you would have to do is show people that picture. It sums him up.