I'm Grateful to Be Their Mom Because...

With Mother's Day approaching, I decided it would be fun to record a few thoughts on why I'm grateful to be a mom. I'll try to post one every day. (I was going to yesterday, but you see how well that went)

Anyway, one of the reasons I am grateful to be the mom of my three boys is that they are great helpers. None of them like to pick up after themselves, but they love to help me with other things around the house. Cooking/baking, crafting, putting my makeup on (they're secure in their manliness), and many other things. But one of their favorites is gardening and watering the flowers. Gardening aficionado I am not. They take something so mundane, in my opinion, and bring life to it for me. They don't like using something easy like a hose though. No, no. Watering cans for them. So we make about 8 trips back and forth watering our flowers. As you can see, they don't have the best aim.
Jacob can't decide if he's thirstier or if the flowers are.
James is doing his crazy dance. I almost forgot why I was grateful to be his mom today while I was cleaning up pee off the bathroom floor. It was intentionally done. Ain't he sweet?
Aaah! He kills me with those big blues!
This big guy is too big to help, so he rides his bike or scooter around while we do all the work. He rode his bike to and from school yesterday with just his friends. My stomach was in knots all day long until I walked out to meet him. Obviously, he survived. When did he get so big? And I am now literally tearing up and only see a blurry mess on my computer screen.
I love my boys! I could not have lucked out any more than I did with them.

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Lindsey M said...

WAIT!!! WHAT!!!??? He rode his bike to school all by himself? No!!! I don't want him to be that old yet. Make hime stop!! I can't wait to see you guys this summer. That's when he can resume his growing.