I am Grateful to Be Their Mom Because (part 3)...

I was planning on posting this last night after we got home from the D-Backs game, but our internet wasn't working. So, I'm going to try to do two today. Wish me luck.

I am so grateful to have these boys as my own because they all know how to let loose and have fun. It keeps me young and there's never a dull moment.

Matthew's pretty sure this is the most hilarious picture of him.
James being goofy.
Jacob was lovin' him some chocolate malt. Mmmm...
We were so close to the action! I didn't even have to zoom in for this picture! We were right on the wall just behind outfield. So fun. Chris Young caught a ball just below us and I could hear it hit his glove. I love baseball. And so my boys. Yet another reason I am grateful to be their mom!

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Lindsey M said...

Wow!!! Those were awesome seats!! But if I was there, I think I would have enjoyed the view of Jacob a lot more than the baseball game.