James' preschool went on a field trip to Superstition Dairy Farm. He had a ton of fun.
Jacob was very ornery. To his credit, in the past five days he has had croup, RSV, pink eye, a bad cold, and an ear infection. But he's running out of leniency. I know a family of gypsies that's always looking for a new addition... Just sayin'.
James loved feeding and petting the animals. He had his huge, one-dimpled grin the whole time.
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The Mallory's said...

I especially love the picture titled "grouchy." The contrast between the 2 is hilarious. Sorry, I know it's not so funny to you but it cracked me up.

I love my one dimpled James!

And I'll take that grumpy little guy, Gr vtsvkd mr up. He he, I said "He cracks me up" but my fingers were off so it turned into "Gr vtsvkd mr up." I had to leave it.