We decided it was time to get out of Phoenix and do something fun for the weekend. Tim had been wanting to go to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, so we thought it would be a great spot. The boys loved every moment of it. And I'll admit, I even enjoyed it.
Naughty pilot!
Jacob was his usual pleasant self.
This was James' favorite airplane in the whole museum because it was orange. There is a picture of a grasshopper on it, which is perfect for James. When we were in Alabama during Christmas, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch one day and some big kids were "picking" on him. They kept calling him grasshopper. So he got even. He called them diarrhea.
Behind Matthew is the second Blackbird ever built, and the oldest surviving. Super cool plane.
Outside they have a giant "plane boneyard." It's full of old planes and helicopters.
This one made be laugh. I called it a blomber. Combo of a blimp and bomber. Actually, it was a cargo plane for NASA. Not as exciting as my idea.
Next we went to Valley of the Moon. Online it looks like a fun, enchanting little park. Tim got the "it puts lotion on" vibe here. We made a hasty retreat, but not before a photo op.
Then we put a perfect end to our perfect day by stopping for some yummy gelato. It was seriously very good and only 132 calories!
This was the best smile I got out of Jacob all day. Well, for the camera anyway. He smiles plenty, until the camera comes out.

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