Slogger. S-L-O-G-G-E-R. Slogger.

Seriously?! I haven't posted anything for over two months? Loser!
Well, here are some current shots of the cutest boys around.
Jacob pushed a chair over to the counter (such a fun new skill) and got down some markers. He loves him some markers. I was upstairs for like 2-3 minutes. He moves fast! When I came down, he shot up off the ground and started running for a hiding spot. He has started this funny run that looks like he is trying to tap-dance at the same time. Tim and I will never have normal running children. But it also doesn't make them very fast. So, the trade-off's not bad, I suppose.
Matthew plays flag football and loves it. He's pretty sure he's the best out there. Most of the time he is playing with his mouthguard or skipping sideways. At least he isn't doing the tap-dance run.
He's number 19.
James. What can I say about James? He's equal parts adorable and equal parts ornery. Just like my dad.
Jacob loves Oreos... all over his face at 8 am. Again, where the heck was I? And I told you kids to keep the pantry door closed! This is what happens when nobody listens to me.
James is now a Sunbeam and couldn't be prouder of this fact. He 'very loves' it. He 'very loves' Primary. He 'very loves' seeing Matthew during Sharing Time.
His first official Sunday as a Sunbeam was spent in the chilly South. He and Delaney got to go to class together. He 'very loved' that. He also got a name tag, and guess what!? He 'very loved' it.


The Mallory's said...

My girls have food in their mouths in about 75% of their pictures.

Jacob looks so proud of his artwork. I also hate the chair pushing thing. Holly does it whenever I'm cooking.

I wish I could see Matthew playing football! I remember when Adam made fun of the way he ran when he was little (I think around Jacob's age). Then we had Delaney...what is wrong with our kids? They can't run normal. Well, I guess Matthew can now, at least there's some hope.

James is handsome!!! I very love him.

mrs. timberlake said...

welcome back to the land of blogging. we've missed you.

the girls would like to reconsider their tabs on james. (maybe releasing hold on wright boy A/B) i know i know... what a roller coaster. but the one of him with the sunset in the background is making them swoon.

monica said...

He has mastered the smolder...