We had such a busy Halloween weekend! James' preschool had a Halloween/costume party. James wanted to be a mummy and wanted his face painted. At first, he loved it.
See those goats behind Jacob? He couldn't stay away from them. Even when they were butting heads and fighting, he was trying to play with them. We're lucky he didn't leave the party brain damaged.
The preschoolers made a pinata and it was James' favorite part of the party.
Matthew's class also had a party, that was luckily right after James'. Parents and siblings were also invited.
Jacob found this rocking chair and thought he was in heaven. Or king of the class. He could have sat in the chair the whole party and been happy.
Friday night our ward had a trunk-or-treat, but I don't have any pictures from that night. Tim was a hot pocket. James was still a mummy but did NOT want his face painted.
Saturday night we went to Greenway's trunk-or-treat. James was dressed up as a mummy in the beginning but changed his mind just before the trick-or-treating started.
Getting a picture of these three boys lately is ridiculously hard. Especially since Jacob has started walking. Quite independent and too much to do.
We decided to let the boys go out Sunday. They loved it and we met lots of new people in our neighborhood. Oh, and James decided to be Spiderman, sans mask.
I love the story the next four pictures tell.
I only wish I had one of the tackle. Nobody was hurt.
Matthew showing me his awesome ninja moves. Mr. Miyagi would be so proud.


Lisa B. said...

How fun! It raied on us during Trick or Treating, which is awesome when your kids are dressed like princesses.

Martha Blood said...

I love your family! Thanks for all the great pictures.

The Mallory's said...

I love the 4 picture sequence. You could see what was coming by the look on James' face in the 2nd picture.

Love all their costumes.

The Mallory's said...

Ummmm....love the pictures and everything but when Delaney starts to notice that you need to put new pictures on, then, well, it's time to put new pictures on!

The Mallory's said...

What's your excuse? Mine was that I didn't have internet. Now I do, and so do you, so give me some more posts!!!

The Mallory's said...

At one point were't you going to make a post every day?

The Mallory's said...

Rumor has it you have some new pictures to put up....so where are they?