We celebrated Fall and the arrival of cooler weather by visiting our local pumpkin patch. Meaning the local farm that ships in hundreds of pumpkins and then charges at least 4 times more than you would pay in a store. It's fun nonetheless.
We checked out the corn maze.
Matthew loved being our leader. He decided each twist and turn we would make. James was the reliable sidekick that would reiterate whatever his big brother said.
Jacob loved the pumpkins. He sat down on one and bounced up and down. I think he thought it was a big bouncy ball. Cute boy.
We always let our boys pick out a little pumpkin and then we buy the big ones from the store.
Jacob picked out his own props for the picture.
We headed over to the pig races. Pigs are smelly. Really smelly. But also very cute, in a disgusting, stinky barnyard animal way.
We enjoyed a chili dinner afterwards. Jacob couldn't get enough of the cornbread or apple pie. However, only the chili left any evidence. Look at those big blue eyes!
There was a band that set up to play and as soon as they started, Jacob was mesmerized. He wanted to join the band. I also think that he thought walking in circles was dancing.
The guy on the keyboard was in our Greenway ward. Woohoo, Bro. Curtis!
I have no idea who this kid was, but these two were breakin' down.
We got home with very sleepy, very dusty, and very cute kids. Success.


Lisa B. said...

I can't believe how big James is!!! Stinking cute family so . .. . . when are you having another one?

erik and annie said...

hey monica where did you get the white frame in your staycations post??? i am cordinating a wedding and i am trying to find frames.

erik and annie said...

hey thank you i have a stack of mulitcolored picture frames from ross waiting to get a coat of yellow paint but i have not checked out goodwill!!! i guess that is where we are headed after nap time!!! we would love to go to the zoo or something with you guys.