I didn't realize it had been a month since I posted last. Oops.
Tonight we hung up ornaments and the kids loved it. I couldn't decide what pictures to post, so I put them all up.
This is James' "irresistible" smile. Or so he thinks. I don't have the heart to tell him it's more of a teeth bearing grimace. Hmmm... maybe it's working.
Here it is again. Look at that cute picture crasher back there.
Can you tell we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner? Apparently I don't wipe my kids' faces off or put on bibs.
This is the face Jacob makes when you tell him to say, "cheese."
I love this season! I can't wait for the next 25 days. Except I'm always sad when Christmas arrives because that means it's all over. So I better enjoy it while it lasts!


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I love these boys. And you.

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

and your husband - but in a good, sisterly way.