Tim and I coach Matthew's T-ball team. It is quite an experience. Matthew loves it, Tim and I have been on the fence until last night. When we said we would do it, we never thought about what we would do with James and Jacob. At the first game James disappeared and I ran around the park looking for my little guy. I was afraid he had been abducted. Obviously, he wasn't. He had just seen some big hills that he wanted to take his bike down. They just happened to be on the other side of the park. Are you kidding me? We so lucked out on that one. So last night Kristen, Amy, Colin, and Devin came up to watch Matthew's game. They were literally lifesavers, especially in James' case. Tim and I were able to really enjoy the game. We had fun and were not stressed out. Just how T-ball should be. And not only did they watch the boys, but Kristen also snapped a bunch of pictures for us. We hadn't been able to, we've been so busy coaching. So here are some of her great shots.
Matthew is a great hitter. He can really smack that ball.
I'm not sure what he was doing here, but I love how he is wearing his hat.
Tim leading the outfielders out to their spots.
James and Jacob playing peekaboo.
Every time we were up to bat, the kids would crowd around me and ask who was up next.
I love this one of Matthew and Colin! These two get along so well. They just have so much fun together. I love it. They'll be best buds for a long, long time.
Which is weird because they are nothing alike. ;)

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