James turns 3 tomorrow! I can't believe it!
On Sunday we had a small party with Tim's family that lives in AZ. James requested hot dogs for dinner and I made some rainbow cupcakes, which I did not get a good picture of again.
Blowing out his candles. This was hilarious to watch. He was working so hard. Spit was flying everywhere.
James wore his hat like this most of the time.
Not a super good picture of me, but oh well. I love this little guy! He brings so much to our family. We wouldn't have half the adventure and surprises without him.
James' cousin, Colin. This picture is so "Colin" to me. We LOVE that he lives so close. The boys ask almost every day when we'll see Colin again.
Matthew read James his birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Blood. It was very cute.
Thanks Ted, Martha, Amy, Brien, Colin, Devin, Kristen, and Donavon for coming down and making it a special day for James. We love you!

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The Mallory's said...

Happy Birthday James!!! We love you!