Bikes, Jeeps and Kites

This past week we got to spend time with all the cousins from Tim's side. It was a ton of fun. Last Sunday we met at Discovery Park by our house for a picnic and lots of playing. The kids rode bikes, jeeps, and flew kites.
James was fearless. He would point his bike down any hill and go for it. He never looked at what might be at the bottom of the hill, like benches, people or ponds. Luckily, he missed anything in his way (and lucky for anyone that might have been in his way).
Matthew tried it out a few times. It wasn't for him.
He preferred "leisurely" kite flying. Why stand when you can sit?
The jeep was a big hit. Surprisingly, the kids did a great job at taking turns. At one point, however, I think Colin and Emily were about halfway to Scottsdale before they decided to turn back.
The battery lasted forever! When it finally started to wind down the kids took the jeep down hills. James isn't as skilled at steering the jeep as he was the bike. It is good to know which kid will flee the scene of crime.
Sweaty, tired and content; the end to a perfect day.


The Mallory's said...

So did James get the tree?

monica said...

He did. Smacked right into it.