Spring Fling Tag

Every year all the women on my mom's side (18 and up) get together for a weekend full of fun. I've even started a blog for it. It's a big deal. I plan my year around it. Seriously.

My cousin Lisa tagged all the girls in our family. She said, "Anyone that knows my family know that in the Spring we go on a vacation with just the women. That includes my mom, my sisters, my mom sister's and their kids and my grandma's sisters and their kids. We call this exodus Spring Fling. In honor of Spring Fling I am starting a tag. Anyone who gets tagged and answers will get a special treat."

So here I go. But to be honest, there isn't much we can share. It's kind of like the Vegas slogan. "What happens at Spring Fling, stays at Spring Fling."

3 favorite spring fling memories/stories

1. My very first toe touch. And it was actually pretty good.
2. Having it confirmed that I am not much fun. I only earned one fun point from that quiz we took last year. But I'm bringing the party this year, ladies. I've taken that quiz again and I now have 2 fun points.
3. One year when Matthew was a baby he woke up in the middle of the night and was crying. Lisa got up (but didn't wake up) and was searching the whole condo for her baby. She didn't have any kids there that year. I laughed so hard as I was trying to explain this to her in her sleeping state.

3 things I am most looking forward to

1. Killing my diet for 4 days or however long I'm in Utah for. Nachos, here I come.
2. Lisa answered, "Not feeling guilty about starting the day with a diet coke, ending the day with a diet coke and drinking one all day long." Agreed.
3. Staying up into the wee hours laughing so hard I might just pee my pants.
4. I'm adding a 4th, getting all of our adorable babies together!

3 things that will definitely be in my suitcase

1. Swim suit. Private hot tub and pool!
2. New Moon. Yes, Lisa, you will be watching it.
3. Comfy sweats to lounge around in all day and all night. Why? Because I'll feel like it.
4. I'm taking the liberty once again and adding another one. My camera. This year we will have fun pictures!!!


The Mallory's said...

I thought about adding extra "panties" to my suitcase because of laughing so hard we almost pee our pants. Especially after having babies.

So you'll bring New Moon? Good. Get ready Lisa, you'll never feel the same! Just kidding. But seriously, you'll love it.

Lisa B. said...

I love it!!!! Get excited for your treat/prize!!!