Like, I totally love the 80's, Dude!

Like, today was totally 80's day. Gnarly, right? Like, for sure.
You know you're a parent/old when school kids are dressing up from the decade you're from.
I wasn't sure how to dress a boy up for 80's day. Not many options for a boy. Girls can crimp their hair, wear a side ponytail, have the huge wave bangs, and don't even get me started on the endless possibilities for their wardrobe options. But on the way to school today I saw a boy dressed up as a rocker from an 80's hair band. What a great idea! Why couldn't I have thought of that?! Anyway, here's Matthew with his neon tee, cuffed jeans (I looked for acid-wash ones at the thrift stores, no luck), his Vans, and an awesome pair of Ray-Bans.
James didn't dress up, but you'd think it was still crazy hair day. Check out that bedhead!
Jacob wanted nothing to do with 80's day.
"Like, barf me out. I just want to eat, my bodacious mama."
Then his shirt touched his cheek. He thought it was food.
On discovering it was not food, he, like, totally spazzed out. And I was like, "Take a chill pill, Dude."
I fed him right after this photo. Look at the sadness, you'd think he hadn't eaten for days (especially if you look at those skinny legs).


mrs. timberlake said...

sidenote: i love your welcome mat.

back to matthew: love the outfit... can i call a boy's clothing selection an outfit? tim might not like that. too girly?

The Mallory's said...

Hahaha...Adam says boys don't wear outfits either. Too funny. He also says they don't wear tops, they wear shirts.

Do our boobs feel like fabric? They must because every one of our kids have been fooled by fabric brushing their cheeks.