James got a haircut this weekend.  The curls are officially gone (hopefully not for good).  He aged about 2 years.  

I am the worst newborn photographer.  I have no idea how to capture a good picture of a new baby.  So this one will have to suffice until I can get some better ones.  Jacob is such a good baby.  He sleeps like a champ and eats like one, too.  He is a pretty content baby.  He loves to just take in his surroundings with those big blue eyes.  We love him so much and just can't get enough.   

Matthew is doing good and didn't want to pose for a picture.  I didn't feel like torturing one out of him today, but I'll have one up soon.  He still loves school and looks forward to it every day.  


Jill said...

I can't believe how old James looks!What a kid. Jacob is darling and growing fast it looks like.

Lisa B. said...

PLease tell me not to be afraid of three. Tell me three is easier than two and pregnant.