Pure Sock Craziness

It's Spirit Week at Matthew's school.  Today everyone is supposed to wear crazy socks.  Matthew was a little worried that he was wearing "girl" socks (they're mine) and that they were a little too crazy.  Luckily, once we got to school most kids, including the boys, had on long striped socks.  

James didn't want to be left out of the fun.

Even Jacob donned some striped craziness.  

Jacob is a month old now and chunkin' up real good.  He's still a pretty serious little guy, but he smiled at me on Friday for the first time.  The boys still love him, which is good.  The other night as the big boys were getting ready for bed, Matthew wanted to sing a lullaby to Jacob.  So he sat in the rocker and sang the first verse of "I am a Child of God" and then he sang  "Douglas Mountain."  But he made up his own lyrics for little Jacob.  He sang;
"Stars are twinkling over Douglas Mountain
Stars are twinkling so bright
Stars are twinkling over Douglas Mountain
Putting the night sky to sleep
Putting Jacob to sleep."
Yes, I had a few renegade tears.  I love those moments.  Especially at the end of a rough day.


The Mallory's said...

Ya...that made me cry too. So sweet! We can't wait to see you guys. Not much longer. I can't wait to hold serious little Jacob in my arms. Remember, that may not stick. Delaney was a serious little thing, we thought she was going to straighten us up.

Wright Life said...

Me too! I was balling reading that, Matthew is such a great older brother! I love the socks too! I love how the whole family joined in on the fun, especially Jacob. Can't wait to see crazy hair day!