We decided to take the kids to Lagoon the other day.  Matthew loved it.  He had such a great time and didn't want to leave.  But his eight month pregnant mother was a little worn out after 10 hours of kiddie rides.  Go figure.  
Here the kids are just after we arrived.  All fresh and ready to get started.

James and Laney loved the boat rides.  I remember loving the boats. 

James wasn't so sure about Bulgey the whale after it started.  It goes a lot faster than you would think.  he cried for just  minute, but quickly got over it and enjoyed the ride.  When I was around his age they had to stop this same ride because I was crying so much.  We're more alike than just our looks, I guess.  He's just a bit braver.

This was one of Matthew's favorite rides.  He loves to shoot guns.

The kids loved "driving" their own cars.

I love this one of Matthew in the front.  Check out that hat.  He says he was hiding, but that he had fun on this one.

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