I'm Proud to be an American...

Happy Independence Day!  I always love the 4th.  It means summer, bbq's, swimming, fireworks, family, and freedom.  I wanted to get a picture of the boys before they got sweaty and dirty.  Love their props and poses?  Did it on their own.  So cute.

It was hot hot hot today, so James cooled down with a popsicle.

We can't do our own fireworks, so we picked up some "Pop Its" and had a blast.  Tim threw one at me, supposedly aiming for my stomach (you know, in which I am carrying his unborn son), but nailed me in the chin.  I heard him say, "Watch this" and before I could react sparks were flying off of my face.  Oops.  He's lucky I thought it was as funny as he did.  
Matthew had so much fun.  We were throwing the "pop its" at each others' feet and making each other dance.  Matthew loved this part.  Look at the happiness in that face.  Oh and btw, that's my new car in the background.  That's right, I'm officially a minivan mom.      

Hope you and your families had a great 4th!  


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

The 4th of July is so fun. I wish we could run around, swim, eat good food and throw pop its every day.

mrs. timberlake said...

Did you by chance get those fabulous POP ITs at TARGET?

If so, we are sooo on the same wavelength.

They were much louder than I remember - Or am I just getting old?

Anyhizzle... loved your pictorials.

The Mallory's said...

I wish I could have seen your face lit up by a "Pop It." Looks like ya'll had fun, and a little sweaty.

One week!!!!