This is the place...

We took the kids to This is the Place Park.  They actually had a great time.  
I think Matthew's favorite part was cleaning this rug.  It helped him practice for baseball, he said.

James and Laney did some old-school laundry.  

My cute boys.  There'll be a third one in about 4 weeks.  Can't wait.

Our little train ride around. The kids loved this part.  When we went through the tunnel, Laney would lean into James.  

All the Huff grandkid cuties.


The Mallory's said...

We miss you so much already. It was hard enough to fight back the tears but when Delaney cried really hard it made it worse. She had us all in tears. When the van finally pulled out she cried "Mon-Ka....gone....Mon-Ka." It was so sad. Love you.

Lisa B. said...

We missed you guys today. Gracie was so sad that Matthew and James were "missing". I told her that's exactly how I felt too. Missing, because you guys should be here!!!