The unpredictability of kids...

This morning I decided that I'd take the boys to the zoo so they could run around and get some energy out.  Then we would head over to Tim's office and meet for lunch.  Well, just as I was taking the zoo exit, James decided that he didn't want to keep his breakfast down anymore.  His head was turned towards Matthew has he "throwed his bones" and the compassionate big brother said, "Eww, James, turn your head the other way.  I don't want to see that stuff."  Ah, brotherly love.  Anyway, since we were close to Tim's office I drove over there and cleaned James up in the parking lot.  Tim came outside to "help" but mostly just said, Oh, that's gross."  Hmm, maybe I know where Matthew gets it from.  But in fairness to Tim, I told him to just keep on eye on the clothing-less James (as he ran around the parking lot, so sick).  No need in both parents catching whatever bug this was.  But I was so excited to get some new shots of my boys at the zoo to post on here.  I haven't been around much, but decided to get back into it full swing.  Anyway, because I couldn't get any new pictures today, here's some from when Lindsey and her fam were in town.

Laney would put her face right up to a spout and then be shocked when water shot out of it.  She did this a million times until one got her really good.  

James pretty much stood on the edge, watching the other kids.  Every now and then he would run over to us and squeal.  I think he really thought he was playing in the water.

I really do feed this kid.

Traveling in luxury.  


Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

I love that James and Heidi have the same hairdo. Sorry to hear about barf-a-rama IN THE CAR! We experienced a similar joy on a family vacation a few years ago. Not a favorite memory. I hope everyone else stays healthy. Happy Easter!

The Mallory's said...

You know...it's funny. Just this morning I was thinking of what a puker (SP?) you were when we were little. I started to worry that I might get a kid that's a puker. You know, James has my one dimple, and one of my kids might have their aunt Monica's ability to puke at the drop of a dime. Not a fair trade off. Then I started to really worry, your kids never really throw up like you did. I had to chuckle at your puker because it somewhat eased my worries that my kids wont puke like their aunt Monica.

The Mallory's said...

Oh ya, sorry you had to clean up throw up. That really does stink.

We miss you guys! Can't wait to see you again.

Rachael said...

Yeah, I love little boys, they are so precious. There is nothing like a mothers bond, with her son. I love my boys and wouldn't trade them for anything. of course i've never had a girl so im sure i'd be saying the same thing about a little girl too.lol. I truley believe that the Lord sends us what our family needs. I can't imagine my life without my 2 boys, or with a girl right now. TO be honest, I was a little disapointed when i found out i was going to have ANOTHER boy, but after a few hours to get used to the thought. When he came into my arms, it totally felt right. YOu are such a cute mom with those boys. YOur gonna need to buy bandaids and neosporan in bulk, and have good insurnace for the ER. haha but they are so worth it. I can't wait to get together to let our boys play. YOu are an inspiration to me, you have such patients with your kids. I love hearing all your stories. I love you, can;t wait to see you again