Camping Trip

A few weekends ago we went camping with our friends the Jones family.  We went up to Sedona where Fall is in full swing.  The leaves are changing color and the temperature is just right.

All the kids were begging to go to bed.  Except for James, he cried for a very long time.  I'm sure all of our neighbors loved us.  Look how cute they are!  It got down to freezing that night!  Luckily Tim and I had decided to bring one mattress to share.  We put our little heaters (matthew and james) between us and stayed warm enough.    

I took this picture because James was standing at the door of the tent wanting to go outside and he no longer looked like a baby to me.  He's a little boy!

It was cold enough to wear our sweatshirts!  

Matthew was a river-rock jumping fool.  After this shot, he didn't need help anymore.  He was jumping all over the place.  It was fun to watch him be so confident and have so much fun.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was our nature walk.  The kids loved it.  Cooper, Matthew, Ella and James all had a great time.



The Mallory's said...

James does look so grown up!! He's loosing that baby look. It kind of makes me sad.

I wish we could go camping. That looked like a ton of fun.
Can't wait to see you guys. Only a little over a month and a half!
Love ya.

Lisa B. said...

Just wondering is COLD in Arizona like 60 degrees?

Wright Life said...

What a fun camping trip. I agaree, James does look like a big kid now. And Matthew looks like he can be driving next month. Ok, not that big, but you have kids now. I can't believe it.

Rachael said...

I'm so glad that you went camping. We love camping. It is so fun. What a fun family you have. Your such a great mom.