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4 Things I did yesterday
  • Took Matthew to preschool
  • Went Christmas shopping
  • Made dinner
  • Watched The Hills
4 Things I look forward to
  • Thanksgiving
  • When James starts talking and stops screaming
  • Seeing Twilight again
  • Going to Alabama next month!!
4 Restaurants I like
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • The Depot
  • Chick-fil-A 
  • Rosa's
4 Things on my wish list (in no particular order)
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • My boys becoming friends
  • Another baby
  • New furniture for my front room
4 Favorite TV shows 
  • Gossip Girl
  • Privileged
  • America's Next Top Model (haven't found something to fill its void yet)
  • 90210 (not a top fave, but I do watch it every week)
4 People I tag
  • Lindsey
  • Julianne
  • Lisa B
  • Jamie


The Mallory's said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Twilight is so much better the 2nd time! I bet it will even be better the 3rd. Julianne wants to see it again today but I don't know if my ankles will allow me to sit for another 2 hours. I can't wait until we can all see it together.

Judds said...

hey thanks again for a fun afternoon. You'll have to tell me how you liked the movie the second time. I too would like to see it again.