U Dazzle Me!

I really tried hard not to write about about a certain book on this blog, but I am giddy with excitement for tomorrow.  
When I was waiting for Matthew to come out of preschool today, on the back window of his teacher's car "U DAZZLE ME" was written on the dusty glass.  My heart started to race and my stomach dropped.  For a movie.  Sad?  You betcha.  But I can't help the excitement.  And I have a feeling I am not alone.
 With that being said, I have one request for you, Mr. Rob Pattinson.  DAZZLE ME.  
See you tomorrow, girls!


Wright Life said...

Love it. I feel the same way, almost like a treckie or those crazed star wars and lord of the rings fans. what has my life come to! I think I just have to come to terms that I am and will forever be a twilight nerd.

mrs. timberlake said...

Yout are cute, but can you leave your vampire teeth at home tomorrow?

Just asking.

Lisa B. said...

MONICA!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What has happened? I thought you were on my side of the Twilight debate. I could barely make it through the books. However, I am kind of interested to see the movie-when it come out on TV.

Alphabet Malone said...

At least you didn't go to the midnight showing! I battled 15 year olds to get a good seat!

Lisa B. said...

Okay, now I feel really bad. I just don't get the attraction, but I shouldn't hold it against you just because you do. Friends? I mean cousins? I mean our moms are cousins-so that makes us???? Whatevers?????