While we were up in Utah, we made a trip down to Gateway for a day of shopping, food, and water fun.  It was a beautiful day and the whole center was bleeding red (the U had a game that day).  We met my mom's family for some dinner.  I didn't realize until now that my grandma isn't in this picture, she must be taking it.  Sorry Grandma!
My little family has a problem with looking at the camera apparently.  

(Grandpa Levinthal, David, Lindsey (Joe's girlfriend), Joe, Cynthia, my mom, Matthew, Julianne, James, Moi
We spent at least 45 minutes at the fountain.  The boys could not get enough.  James never really got in the water, but I think he thought he did.

Matthew loved the steam.  He would come running out of it with a huge grin on his face.

Wet surfaces + Slippery shoes = Ouchies

James just squatted and watched the water for a few minutes.  It was so funny.  He must have amazing thigh strength.

Finally, Matthew was worn out and wet and ready to go.  

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Jamie and Brady said...

Cute pictures. I'm excited for you guys to come in the summer and stay longer, we really didn't get to spend any time together! E-mail me that picture of Tessa on the trampoline, that's a good one!