In the Fall my Grandma Levinthal throws a pumpkin picking party.  This year, we got to attend.  It was so much fun!  We ate witch fingers, mummy dogs, spiced wassail, and yummy pizza.  The kids got to go into her garden and each pick out a pumpkin.  
Well, that's a surprise!  Matthew picked a small, green pumpkin.  Huh, I would have never guessed that.

James wasn't all that interested in picking a pumpkin.  He was just looking for a good one to throw.  

I just thought this picture was so Tessa.  The little princess among a bunch of boys.

This was one of at least 100 pictures we tried to take of all the little kids.  We're missing Tessa.  I think she may have had an accident and was being changed inside.  

James sat here for a good 10 minutes after our failed groups shots.  He repeatedly said, "Cheeeeeeeeeeese!"

I hadn't finished my boys' costumes yet, so my mom bought Matthew a Ninja Turtle costume so he could be like Cooper and Peyton.  Matthew and Cooper had lots of fun battling it out.  I though Ninja Turtles were on the same team, but whatever.

I think Jace is more of a loner or maybe he just doesn't care for James.  But James didn't care, he loved following Jace around.
And to top off a successful night of spooky fun, the kids all circled round the fire and roasted s'mores.  There you are, Grandma! (in the back row)


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