Everyone and their dog was there...

Once when I was younger, my dad got off of work a little bit late.  When my mom asked him why he was running late he said, "Everyone and their dog stopped me on my way out."  Confused as to why everyone would have their dog at work, I asked, "Was it take your dog to work day?"  Cute little Monica.

While we were in Utah we made a trip to Gardner Village (my great-great-great-grandpa's place) for some ancestral fun.  Little did we know, every other person (and their dogs) in Utah thought it was a great place to spend a perfect Friday afternoon.  That place was packed!

Here are the two proud grandmas with their cuties. 

(Jean with Gracie and Ava, my mom with Matthew and James)

We took tons of pictures and I never got a single one where all the kids are looking at the camera at the same time.  

I think my boys' favorite part was the petting zoo.  James did get a little carried away pulling on this goat's horn.  I'm surprised it didn't head-butt him.

Matthew loved the little pigs and the huge rabbit.  


Here are the cousins with our kids.  Lisa and her girls, Ava and Gracie, Michelle with her little bundle, Macey, and me with my boys and my sister, Julianne.

Why does my text get underlined?  Does anyone know how to fix this?  It is so annoying.


Michelle said...

I am so glad you guys came out! I had so much fun at Gardner Village (even though there were probably 10,000 people there). Your boys are so cute and it was fun to get to see them!

Becky Ryan & Oliver said...

What cute pictures! So I totally thought that Matthew was for sure a Blood and James was totally you, but lately he is looking so much like Tim, either way they're just darling kiddos. And you look gorgeous.

Lisa B. said...

How do you do your posts so quickly? I am so glad you guys came out. My girls had a blast!!